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Massa's Karting event !!!




今年は誰がチャンピオンに輝くのかな。フェリペ今年は本気で狙ってるぽいな(いつも本気 笑)?



Massa announces donation to Brazil flood victims

Ferrari ace Felipe Massa has today announced a personal $25,000) donation to the victims of the flooding and earth slide caused by the heavy rains that hit the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina last weekend. Over 100 people died and more than 54,000 families were left homeless after the worst natural tragedy ever seen in the region.
Earlier today, Massa attended a press conference at Florianpolis, capital of the state, to talk about the 4th edition of his International Challenge of Go-Kart Champs and also to explain why decided to continue with the event which is once again attracting top drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Nascar's Jeff Gordon, Rubens Barrichello, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Luca Badoer and several other local motor racing stars despite the national and local trauma raised by the catastrophe.

"It's a sad coincidence that we are promoting the race during these days. I have heard a lot of criticism, people stating that we should cancel the race. But we think exactly the opposite. We do want to help people.
This is the message we are sending: to give an example of solidarity,
to make the maximum for those people in need,
said Massa, who was seated besides his fellow mates Lucas di Grassi, Thiago Camilo, Pop Bueno and Florianpolis mayor Rubens Bita.

Massa won the race in 2006, while his former Ferrari team mate Michael Schumacher stole his crown last year. "Maybe this year we make things not that easy for him," Massa joked.

Free practice, the qualifying session and top qualifying for the five fastest of each 13-driver group are scheduled for tomorrow. The promoters are expecting an attendance of 12,000 on Sunday as tickets are completely sold out.

The double-header races can be watched on Sunday on Eurosport.


Q&A with Michael Schumacher

Formula 1 seven times champion Michael Schumacher arrived at the Ingleses Kart Track at Florianpolis (Brazil)on Friday to defend his crown at the International Challenge of Go-Kart Champs. After adjusting himself to the kart he will use in his second visit to the event promoted by his former team mate and close friend Felipe Massa, Michael talked to journalists.

Are you ready for the double championship?
Michael Schumacher: Double championship? Absolutely, yes.

This kind of event reminds you of your F1 championship, of your go kart memories?
MS: In a way, yes, but it's much more, because Felipe is like a little brother for me. This event for me is exciting.

Felipe said that you are his older brother. Is there a really true relationship between you two?
MS: Yeah, we work for so long together, and because of this we became close friends. I think that this is very obvious.

How did the old brother see Felipe's season in 2008?
MS:- There was never a doubt of his abilities. He was out of luck in 2007 and in 2008 he was in a better position to show his true potential. So I hope we can give him a good car to win next yeah.

Are you here just to have fun or to compete?
MS: We are here to have fun and, naturally, as a race driver, to compete and after what happened here in the recent days to support the area.

Back to F1, how tough you think it will be next year with the new rules?
MS: It will be a completely open championship. The top teams stay the top teams, but some of them may have an advantage. This is an open question for everybody.

Will everybody start from zero?
MS: Not everybody, but, what I said, the top teams will remain the top teams, but we have four teams that will be very close together than last year and you don't know what will happen in the winter. I mean, we can have some surprises.

Luca Di Montezemolo said that he broke his television watching the Brazilian GP. How was your experience watching the race?
MS: It wasn't my television, so I wasn't able to break it. Naturally, I was so excited when it happened, but I knew that there was still the option that it could return, because I knew Glock was on slicks and, unfortunately, it happened in the last 30 seconds. It was tough for all of us, specifically for Felipe, but it was clear that we were strong enough to give him a car that he can prove himself.

The double-header races can be watched on Sunday on Eurosport.
The first starts at 14:15 (ECT) and the second at 17:00 (ECT).
A live timing service will be also available during the weekend through the official timekeeper cronomap.com

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